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KLINDEX INDIA is a team of Professionals with expertise in Floor Treatment & Maintenance Solutions. The expertise include solutions for any kind of floor i.e. Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Concrete, Mosaic, Tiles, Gres, etc. The range includes High-tech Floor Grinding Machines, high quality and highly efficient Tools, Chemicals and Consumables for grinding, polishing, restoration, maintenance & cleaning. 
We take pride in informing you that KLINDEX srl, Italy is the ONLY Company in the World to have in its range Grinding & Polishing Machines, Diamond tools, floor Polishes, Fillers, stucco, masitce, resins, epoxy, concrete hardeners, surface protections, sealers, enhancers, etc., antique brushes, bush hammer products - ALL under one roof.
An extended office for Klindex Srl., Italy in India we cater to products and services through a network of distributors, applicators all over, provide service, training for solutions to all kinds of Floor/ Stone related problems. Free training, development of special tools, consumables & systems to suit Indian conditions, promotion of Klindex System for faster, efficient and high quality finishes are key areas of our operations in India and neighbouring countries.
Klindex floor polishing system has revolutionized the whole process of Conventional Grinding & Polishing Systems all across the World. .The main drive force in this system is the combination of Specialized Machinery the grinding & polishing process faster by 5 – 15 times than any Conventional Grinding System in the World. The special tools for each type of floor, nano technology based consumables and additives have made it possible to adopt proper procedure to improve quality of surfaces as per the application need. This enhances durability of the surface and drastically reduces maintenance costs. Also Development of quick restoration systems have made life easier, more economical and long lasting finishes.
We have a precise mission: To understand the man and his needs so as to improve quality of life. How? With the force of thought, with that natural energy that allows us to anticipate the market and to speed up evolution, to stimulate ideas and projects, that are translated into an investment in man & evoloution of GREEN Technology.

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