Super Concrete® is a system created by Klindex that changes a standard concrete floor into a beautiful, polished and easy to maintain surface, thanks to its patented grinding machinery and diamond tools. Klindex promotes the use of Super Concrete in a variety of applications that require a heavy traffic resistant, clean and aesthetically pleasing floor.

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IRON FLOOR its ready-to-use, made up of quartz aggregate and cement, selected according to their physical and technical qualities. Cement-based products, designed especially to eliminate crazing:  this will be  incorporated in the surface to improve resistance to abrasion and to impact in industrial flooring. Description: IRON FLOOR is a premixed cement-based single component product, free of

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Klindex developed the Superconcrete System as they continously developed special Concrete chemicals for various Concrete treatment i.e Concrete Dust proofing, colour dyeing, sealing, anti-traffic, anti-stain, anti-fungal treatments, etc. Nano Lithium technology further allowed better protections, gloss, water, oil resistance and enhanced life of Concrete floors. Suggested for all kinds of Concrete floors in industrial, food,

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Thanks to the continuous research of new technologies for surface treatments, the KLINDEX Team has developed a new technique called SUPER CONCRETE that allows you to transform any old, ugly, stained or dusty concrete floor in a perfectly smooth surface, extremely resistant, shiny, incredibly beautiful, easy to keep clean and free of dust. Applying the

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We are “Floor Treatment Specialists” using Klindex System & prescribed Process for Complete grinding, treatment & polishing process for marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, wood and sand stones. We have grinding & polishing machines, abrasives & diamond tools, fillers, hardeners, polishes, sealers, enhancement and other treatment products to cover up for any natural / unnatural deficiencies

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