The history of terrazzo dates back well over 500 years ago. Terrazzo, an Italian word meaning terrace, was created by Venetian marble workers during the 15th century. We can define terrazzo as a composite material that is mainly used as a flooring system that mixes together construction aggregates with a cement or epoxy binder. This […]

Polishing of school corridor with White Cement Terrazzo, subject to high Intensity use by school children. Pre-cast Concrete Tiles were uneven and required the complete Klindex Terrazzo grinding and polishing procedure. Site Name DPS School Site Address BPTP Colony, Faridabad Contact Site visit can be organized with prior notice Project Details Polishing of school corridor

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TECHNIQUE FOR POLISHING CONCRETE TERRAZZO TILES/ FLOORS This Technique of Polishing Concrete (Cement) Terrazzo Floors is noiseless, fast, natural and completely environment friendly. The system is also approved by Leeds and is the only GREEN system for such FLOORS. The process is very unique and can achieve best results by using special Klindex Transformation process

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